To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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What’s New?  

What’s News?  

What’s New in the News?  

And of course, what’s happening?


Luncheon and Advisory Meeting for Circo de Poesia



Dear Friend,


We are excited to invite you to a luncheon and advisory meeting for Circo de Poesia/ The Poetry Circus, a bilingual performing arts production company, started in 1998, maintained and self financed by a group of artists and other professionals based in Los Angeles.


We have worked together over this period of times to develop artistic multi-media events, workshops, and publications. Our board invites you to visit to see the breadth of work which has been produced by and for a growing multicultural audience interested in participating on the dialogue of our times.


We just have completed a first year with a board of directors and are open to expand our structure to include a more diverse group of contributors with knowledge, experience, expertise, ideas, and new energy to propel Circo de Poesia (CDP) into the next evolutionary phase of its existence. In this new phase we are considering becoming a non profit organization and would value any opinions you might be able to share.



What: CDP’s Luncheon & Advisory Meeting

When: Sunday, November 14th, 2010, from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm 

Where: CDP’s Office at 4225 Mary Ellen Ave #201 Studio City 91604


RSVP to info


We’ll certainly appreciate your visit very much!


Alicia Villa

Samantha Miller

Alberto Gieco

Bruce Rubenstein

Stella Sosa


Cine Circus La Strada



The Poetry Circus sponsored by Rail Productions proudly presents Cine Circus, a monthly retrospective on engaging films, reflecting the circus lifestyle as brought to the screen by some of the most talented filmmakers of our times.

Our second date will be held Saturday May 8th @ 8 p.m. with the 1954 gem “La Strada” written and directed by Federico Fellini, starring Anthony Quinn and Guilietta Masina.

Alberto Gieco will introduce the movie and conduct a discussion after the film. “This will be our second opportunity together to suspend reality and thoroughly enjoy the emotional roller-coaster presented through the magic of fiction. Circus characters bring the nomadic life of performance artists into our hearts”.

Opening the occasion, Vintage music will be played by Samfrano’s Ensemble.

Home made bread and veggie stew will be made fresh to delight and satisfy our appetite, by resident chef Francesco Cecconi. Our meal will be accompanied by wine.

The frame for this art’s celebration will be held at Rail Production’s headquarters: 619 S. Victory Blvd, Burbank 91502
Info# 323-787-5536

Let the magic of the circus roll.

With much gratitude,
Circo de Poesia

To support the night, your $10 contribution will be highly appreciated.



Cine Circus The Circus

  Cine Circus photo gallery

The Poetry Circus sponsored by Rail Productions proudly presents Cine Circus, a monthly retrospective on engaging films, reflecting the circus lifestyle as brought to the screen by some of the most talented filmmakers of our times.


Eklectikus Party


Circo de Poesia

invites you to “Eklectikus Party,” this coming December 5th,  2009 at 8.00 pm.

A night full of candies for the eye and for the soul, exquisite musicians, projections, and an interactive art installation that will be waiting for you to fit in.

Don’t miss this night. It will be an opportunity for the large Circo de Poesia’s family to get together again, celebrate our creative association through all these years, and get to know new interesting artists that are getting close to our circle.

After more than a decade producing events in Los Angeles, CDP welcomes you to our redesigned office and announces Event Production 2010. Amarillo is in the air…

4225 Mary Ellen Ave #201 Studio City, 91604
818-284-7903, 323-8042074, 310-4336123




Live Music
Wizard Darren Saravis on Sitar and Invited Musicians

Interactive Art Installation
The Place of the Thinker (Second Version)

Dj Blackhole

Screening -Short Videos

Circo de Poesia
past and recent works
A company of dancer-illusionists known internationally for presenting work of exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty. For 25 years, MOMIX has been celebrated for its ability to conjure up a world of surrealistic images using props, light, shadow, humor and the human body.


A variety of delicious Eklectikus salads will be served through the night

Arugula, parmesan cheese, olives, & croutons
White beans, mayonnaise, & parsley
Vinaigrette eggplants
Fresh spinach with garlic
Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, & olives
White rice, tuna, & eggs
Beets, carrots, & red apple
Green leaves with Champagne Pear Vinaigrette dressing
Grape, Strawberry & Orange’s Platters

Beverages: Water, cold tea, and coffee
Since alcohol won’t be provided this will be a BYOB celebration (Bring your own bottle)


Thank you for your cooperation.

Bring friends, we count on your presence and support once again,
With much gratitude,

Circo de Poesia


Creative Movement Class for Adults


Modern Dance with a Twist! 

Express your creativity!

Designed for teachers, actors, musicians but all are welcome!

Working collaboratively, we will explore techniques and vocabulary of the performing arts to present diverse narratives integrating elements of dance, music, and theater!  Students will receive class notes by e-mail after each class. 

This class is inspired by the educational philosophy of Orff Schulwerk which has been used internationally for over three decades in Music and Movement education for children.

Instructor Samantha Miller is a full time children’s educator and a member of AOSA and LACOSA, the national and local chapters of Orff Schulwerk. She is also a director in Circo de Poesia, bilingual performing arts Production Company in L.A for more than ten years.

Remaining faithful to the imagination and the spirit of play, we will use our bodies as “paintbrushes in space.”

Classes will be held on Mondays 7:30- to 9:00 p.m.
Le Studio, Stage “A,” in Santa Monica Studios.
3025 Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, 90404

(between Centinela and Stewart).
The cost is $10 /class.

Classes will be continue next year, starting January 18th.

For information please visit:

or contact the instructor Samantha Miller (310) 433-6123


Tickets For X, CDP's 10th Anniversary Event Now On Sale In Our Website

Tell everyone you know:

Tickets for X, CDP’s much unticipated tenth anniversary event are now on sale in this website.

Because we believe in egalitarianism, we’ve kept our 2003 prices, yes, you read correctly, we’ve kept our 2003 price for the cover charge. Is that a deal or what? Specially considering all this gasoline related wallet bleeding.

If you purchase your tickets online, you’ll be taken to a secure server where you can pay using your credit card. Afterwards, you’ll receive a confirmation email both from CDP and from PayPal with your ticket information. Simply print and bring this information to our front door and your tickets will be waiting for you there the day of the event.

Click here to be taken to our >>> Tickets Page

Click here to be taken to the X Front Page where you can find out further details about the night’s program>>> X Front Page


CDP Announces X, Its Tenth Anniversary Affair

X is for Ten… X is for eXtravagant…. X is for crossroads…

CDP is proud to officially announce X, its tenth anniversary event to take place on October 25th, 2008 in a yet to be disclosed warehouse located in the Long Beach industrial corridor.  

X is a mind trip through alternate dimensions featuring circus characters, mandala garments & rituals, mobile text installations, poetry, live music and the indispensable surprise.

In the tradition of all past CDP events, the audience will be a key part of the night’s program -and each attendant will also receive a key at the entrance point- so come prepared to interact.with your surroundings and your fellow attendees.

Starting promptly at 8pm on Saturday, October 25th, 2008, X will go on for 7 full hours -or to keep our tradition intact- until the cops shut it down.

Food for the palate, probing questions for the mind and lots of visual candy for the retina… expect this and more during CDP’s explosive, extravagant, exhorbitant & extraordinary night.

During the traditional Open Mic, besides prepared & spontaneous poetry and music from the attending audience, several CDP troupe members will honor another Circo de Poesia, from Olavarria, Buenos Aires which has also just celebrated their tenth anniversary. The troupe characters will honor this fellow poets and circus people by reading some of their traditional Exquisite Corpses written during their events in Argentina.

And if you happen to know a bit about CDP’s early history, keep an eye open for a very recognizable spirit who gave birth to it all more than 30 years ago in Argentina.


CDP Celebrates First Decade In LA

ship%20window%20jpeg%20small.jpgAfter a year in hiatus, unable to settle for average lifestyles and in love with the inherent stress involved in all productions, CDP proudly announces its  tenth anniversary event coming your way October 25th, 2008.

Location secured but not revealed yet. You know, for the usual legal reasons.

What do we have up our sleeve? Well, like with all good circus endeavors, we’re trying to create a bit of anticipation by not revealing a whole lot since the picture isn’t complete until we’ve gotten your input.  

This event, which commemorates our first decade in LA will be full of the things you love & associate with CDP: an underground locality, poetry & magic in the atmosphere, circus characters in the house and fire in the air.

As usual, we’ll attempt to challenge our audience in their most vulnerable spot: their comfort zone. We hope you’ll leave our event more aware than dazzled, hopefully highly entertained but also ‘in the loop’.

What will be the event’s theme?

We’re still exploring all avenues and will meet CDP’s most loyal supporters soon to consult with them about the alternatives. Given the vast amount of work that went into Psychonauts, it makes sense for us to feature some of the most prominent works in this event that couldn’t be presented at that time.

After the anniversary event is over, we intend to produce two more events during the following 12 months on April 25th and October 25th 2009 respectively. These additional events would help us save more money in the addition to the funds derived from the anniversary event.

Our overall goal with announcing these three small events aimed at a crowd of 200 paying participants each and with a production team of no more than 20 is to generate money toward a fund for future CDP’s events. More specifically: in the past, Circo de Poesia has depended completely on the financial and artistic resources of some of its main supporters in order to carry out events. We believe that if we generate money from three small events and save the money earned at the door we should be able to have a production fund available to CDP for future productions. This offers many advantages since CDP no longer needs to rely on the financial well-being of a few supporters. Having this fund available would let us concentrate in the next event knowing that CDP already has the budget needed already from the start.

At the end of these three events, by October 25, 2009, Circo de Poesia’s production fund would potentially have about 9000 dollars from the profits derived from the three previous events. This 9000 dollar fund would constitute the total of the Production Fund for CDP’s future events. Because CDP would no longer need money from anyone to finance its next event, all the proceeds collected at the door would go back to the fund again.

It is time that CDP’s endeavors are not directly linked to the financial well-being of its principals. For the many for whom we hope Circo de Poesia means something, it will also guarantee future CDP productions without financially stressing anyone involved.  

We can’t imagine Circo de Poesia without your presence & contributions so we hope you’ll join us during the production of, or during the actual events.


Psychonauts Postponed Until Further Notice

ring%20master%20with%20heart.jpgLast Thursday, May 24th,  ironically, while reading the LA Times coverage about our Psychonauts event, the owner of Gold Creek Ranch called us to share some disturbing news:

After 15 years of productions in the land, for reasons completely unforeseen, and above all, totally unexpectedly, LA County begun litigation against Gold Creek Ranch in order to deny its owner of his road access rights. Simply translated this means that the city now has the legal power –until a higher court says otherwise- to block access to the land where our event would take place this coming June 16. Given these developments, the attorneys representing our venue have advised its owner to cancel all remaining shows scheduled in the land –including ours- until a court hearing can be set. Given the particularities of most legal systems, this issue may take literally from months to years with the likelihood of the latter.

Given the vast amounts of money invested & spent already, and what’s at stake for all of us involved, we are forced to postpone Psychonauts for a few months until a new suitable location can be secured. To that regard, other event organizers have passed on to us two firm leads for isolated spots that might be rented for our type of event. We have already started contacting both in order to make plans for a physical inspection. We’ll keep you informed about this in the next few days. In fact, this Sunday we’ll be heading up north to Santa Barbara to check out a third option: the campground where the DoLab produces Lightning in a Bottle.

The most important part for us is to maintain our present level of momentum and commitment. Even if our event is postponed, we can turn this situation to our advantage: in the end, it’ll give us more time for rehearsals, more time to complete the sets, the props and the myriad other things still needed. Given our slow ticket sales, it may be very helpful to have the extra time to attract even more people that we had anticipated.

Regardless, we want to assure you that nothing stops in regards to Psychonauts. If anything, this is just one more challenge to overcome. We’ll be focusing intently in the next weeks to secure a viable location where we can carry out our vision of a ‘Jung-inspired theme park’ to paraphrase the LA Times.

For those who’ve been so supportive this far, we ask you to keep the faith and most importantly, the hard work. If you’ve known CDP for some years, you’ll probably know that we take ourselves seriously and are not easily deterred. Psychonauts will be a reality and we’re counting on you to make it so. As the saying goes: ‘in the face of adversity, there’s nothing wrong with hope’, or like Aerosmith says, ‘dream on, dream on, dream on until your dreams come true.’
And to finish in a hopeful note, let me remind you of a poem by Allen Ginsberg where in a few words he says: ‘but I know the Lord won’t cheat me of my burning desire to see his face’. Amen.


Psychonauts Tickets On Sale Now In Our Website


OK everyone, for the legions of you, ravidly and impatiently awaiting for Psychonauts tickets to go on sale, rejoice: finally, they are here.

You now can officially purchase your tix for Psychonauts, the astronauts of the Psyche, directly in our page @  or

Click here or on the Psychonauts Tickets under Navigation to be taken to the tickets page. Once there, you’ll be re-directed to a secure PayPal server where you can purchase your tickets for Psychonauts with complete privacy and safety. After completing your transaction, you can return to our site for more information about the event, survival tips, what to wear for the event, costumes, food and other relevant details about this 24-hour event.

If you also find it in your heart and have the time, please visit our Street Poster Campaign page where you can print several flyers promoting the Psychonauts event. Help us reach those in your immediate circle of influence by posting some of our advertising materials in areas only accesible to you like: work or school lunch rooms, walkways, bulletin boards, coffee shops, net lounges, bars, etc.