To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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 Welcome to The Poetry Circus

Bienvenido a Circo de Poesia 

 “The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless”

 Jean Jacques Rousseau


“Circo de Poesia (The Poetry Circus) is the umbrella under which several artists and other professionals in Los Angeles have worked and collaborated artistically together for more than a decade.

CDP is also a platform used by all of us behind it, to participate in the dialogue of our time, where we’ve all become ‘actors’ of our age instead of mere spectators. We’ve become more aware, more tolerant and hopefully, a bit wiser.

Above all, like the Surrealists & Dadaists of the beginning of the twentieth century, we believe in both the destabilizing & the inspiring power of art to flatten the territory necessary for new ideas to stand out and be noticed.


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