To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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Cine Circus La Strada



The Poetry Circus sponsored by Rail Productions proudly presents Cine Circus, a monthly retrospective on engaging films, reflecting the circus lifestyle as brought to the screen by some of the most talented filmmakers of our times.

Our second date will be held Saturday May 8th @ 8 p.m. with the 1954 gem “La Strada” written and directed by Federico Fellini, starring Anthony Quinn and Guilietta Masina.

Alberto Gieco will introduce the movie and conduct a discussion after the film. “This will be our second opportunity together to suspend reality and thoroughly enjoy the emotional roller-coaster presented through the magic of fiction. Circus characters bring the nomadic life of performance artists into our hearts”.

Opening the occasion, Vintage music will be played by Samfrano’s Ensemble.

Home made bread and veggie stew will be made fresh to delight and satisfy our appetite, by resident chef Francesco Cecconi. Our meal will be accompanied by wine.

The frame for this art’s celebration will be held at Rail Production’s headquarters: 619 S. Victory Blvd, Burbank 91502
Info# 323-787-5536

Let the magic of the circus roll.

With much gratitude,
Circo de Poesia

To support the night, your $10 contribution will be highly appreciated.


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