To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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suzanne16a.jpgLatest News

What’s New?  

What’s News?  

What’s New in the News?  

And of course, what’s happening?


Circo Hires Green Galactic PR for Psychonauts Media Campaign

green galactic logo bigger.jpgGreen Galactic sounds pretty appropriate as a PR firm for an event titled Psychonauts, right?

We thought so too.

We’re happy to announce that starting mid April, Lynn Hasty, Green Galactic’s principal, will be spearheading our media campaign for Psychonauts, Circo de Poesia’s newest event.

Green Galactic has vast experience promoting tribal events like ours and has represented clients such as LA Burning Man Decompression, Lightning in the Bottle, Sea of Dreams, Anon-Salon, Create-Fixate and many others. Go to for more info.

If you’re a member of the media or press, please go to the Press Page under navigation or click here


Circo Launches Weekly Aquarelle Meetings

citroen palette.jpgPalette (noun)


1. board for artist’s paints

     PAINTING: a board or tray on which an artist arranges and mixes paints.

Also called pallet

(From Encarta Dictionary: English, North America)


This coming Friday, February 23rd, Circo de Poesia will begin its weekly Aquarelle Meetings as announced at the Psychonauts Opening on February 11th, 2007. These meetings will continue every Friday until the week prior to the event.

What happens at these weekly meetings?

Everything related to Psychonauts content and production. Here, Circo de Poesia will coordinate with dozens of artists, volunteers and collaborators the many aspects related to this 24 hour outdoor forest production based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality.

As mentioned during our Psychonauts Opening, we’re inviting collaborators in 4 main areas: Performers, Workshop Instructors, Production Assistants & Set Technicians. If you signed up to be emailed in any of these areas, you’ll start receiving messages from us as we begin developing that particular segment.

We encourage you to keep informed about the latest developments via our site and also by attending these meetings. Many props and content-specific performances will also be developed here.

Circo de Poesia gracefully thanks Jack Johnson, the landowner and the 50 people -and 2 dogs- that braved the weather to come to our Psychonauts Opening.


Circo Email for Psychonauts' Opening

goldplate on board of satellite Pioneer.jpg

“Anti-antedelirium mind-enhancers for trade or sale… IM for more details… Serious Inquiries Only Please…

IM ID: …”

Compuserve Forum>Trades>Med’s


Keeping your rights in mind, especially your mind’s rights, we’re inviting you this coming Sunday, February 11th, to an afternoon of ideas, archetypes, symbology and dreams. We’re inviting you to the launch of Psychonauts , a 24-hour event produced by Circo de Poesia .

Psychonauts , taking place on June 16-17, 2007 , will launch its production this February 11th and you’re invited to see it all unfold. Bring your curiosity, your closest & most reliable friend and participate with us in this wonderful project.

What is Psychonauts you ask? Quite simply, it’s an invitation to submerge yourself in its atmosphere and become a daring astronaut of your own psyche. The event attempts to provide a thought-provoking angle on Carl Jung ’s main concepts within his theory of personality.

A picnic & drinks will follow the presentation. See below for program details.

Once you confirm your attendance you’ll receive a second email with location address and driving directions. We encourage you to visit our page and familiarize yourself with more details about this production. Visit: or

What : Circo de Poesia launches Psychonauts on-site

Where : Lakeview Terrace, CA

When : Sunday, February 11th, Noon – 4:00 pm

Who : Poetry Circus Friends & Supporters Jan


Sunday February 11th 2007

1:00 -2:00 pm   Arrive , meet others, Appetizers & Drinks

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm   Psychonauts Presentation

2:35 pm – 5:30 pm Picnic & ambient music

** about the graphic: gold-plated plaque on-board NASA’s Space Probe Pioneer 10 –now lost into space beyond the sun’s gravitational pull.- The plaque displays a SETI greeting from our race to an unknown civilization or spacecraft that might intercept the probe. The star-like image to the left of the nude couple is a map showing at its center our star the sun, in relationship to 14 other quasars in the universe. Our solar system is also depicted in schematic form at the bottom with our own planet Earth next to the arrow pointing to a copy of the Pioneer’s probe. The circles above left pertain the hyper fine transition of the hydrogen atom at rest, hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe. Most writing is done in binary code.


Circo Launches Psychonauts' Production On Site

hoses jpeg small.jpgMark your calendars!

On Sunday February 11th, 2007, Circo de Poesia officially launches the production of Psychonauts, a 24-hour event to be held on June 16-17 2007 just 20 minutes north of LA in a gorgeous outdoor 50 acre venue. This production launch meeting will take place at the event venue. Address and directions will be provided in the invitation you’ll receive in your email. For this 24-hour production, -Circo de Poesia’s largest to date,- dozens of artists and craftsmen of all sorts are being invited to participate and as usual, to leave their very personal imprint in the overall canvas of this production.

Psychonauts, -in essence, an invitation to become daring astronauts of our own psyches,- will explore important concepts based on Jung’s theory of personality thru a completely scripted, multi-stage, theatrical performance about 3 hours long. Because Circo de Poesia’s content is what allows its events to transcend ‘themed parties’, this scripted performance is meant to act as the focal point of the entire event. Before and after, dozens of options will entertain and inform early arriving participants. A complete outline of the entire 24-hour program will be presented at this Production Launch meeting so make sure to attend and find out how you can participate.


Circo Completes Strategy Meetings

awhatsnewstrategymeetingshot2.jpgCirco de Poesia finished in early June 2006 a series of 4 Strategy Meetings. A total of 24 people were invited via email and 17 of them replied and came to one of the four meetings.

The purpose of these gatherings was to obtain feedback from the participants on the current phase of Circo de Poesia’s multi-year plan as it attempts to become a self-financed cultural & educational enterprise.

Circo as a company will comprise a year-round academy with its own Circo curricula and it will also host an annual event from where most of the academy’s operational income is derived.  All relevant timelines and details pertaining these and other matters were discussed with the attendants.

As you probably know by now, in early September, 2006 Circo de Poesia embarks on Psychonauts, its newest production -and yearly event-. The production goes on until early June of 2007. The intention is to gather 1000 paying participants at a local venue already secured. Transforming this location to suit our needs and the needs of this massive event will take months. We’re now finalizing details.

To those who made it, we thank you once more for your kindness and openess and for having come. Your presence, comments, feedback and overall energy made these meetings a resounding success.

We’ll continue talking privately and via this site with many of you as more details from our upcoming production unfold. Stay tuned, read around, give us your input and tell us how can we make this the most memorable project you ever got involved with.


Circo de Poesia Secures A Location For Psychonauts 2007

whatsnewupdate.jpgWould you believe it?

Sometimes, all the constellations line up, the numbers are all propitious and with little orchestrations to steer it all, some dreams do happen. Officially, Circo de Poesía has secured an incredibly beautiful venue for Psychonauts, a forest production that goes on for 24 hours for a crowd of up to 1,000 participants.

As if custom-made, the land is ripe with natural and beautiful settings that can be transformed to suit the needs of this massive event. Soon, an entire section will be published in this site where you’ll be able to find out all about this production: when to order your tickets, when to volunteer and which team to sign up with in order to help us turn this incredible ranch into an amazing circus villa.

There will be plenty of sections inside the Psychonauts page, please spend some time browsing and reading around. It is extremely necessary that you involve yourself and obtain a clear understanding of what Circo de Poesia is proposing here and what’s intended as the outcome of this ‘social re-engineering experiment’. Psychonauts is not a party, nor a rave.

Although some details are being still finalized, many others are somewhat clear: Psychonauts will take place in early June of 2007 in a nearby locality about 25 minutes north of LA.

A promotion and preview event is scheduled for the end of March or early April. The official event production launches in late January and at its peak it will involve about 100 volunteers, artists and crafstmen.

We’re still working out the details with the land owner to determine the availability of the land for our own pre-production and production purposes. In the next few weeks, all further details about this production will be posted directly under a section titled Psychonauts…

In the mean time, if you got the chance, get familiar with software called ‘news aggregators’ or blogging ‘news readers’. They work in a similar fashion to your Microsoft Outlook email program, except that instead of you receiving emails, you receive notifications of blog pages to which you have subscribed. Psychonauts and other production pages will be both a web page and a blog which will enable those of you using the above mentioned aggregators to be automatically informed and updated when we publish any changes to these blogs.

As you may have heard, Circo intends to continue with one or several yearly events as a source of revenue to maintain its year-round Academy and its official headquarters. In this academy, a custom-designed Circo curricula will be taught year round to kids, immigrants, low income students and many others who are interested. Also in this location, Circo will maintain a year-round presence in the city as it involves ever more people in both its academy and event productions.

Yes, LA is populated by thousands of beautiful and immensenly creative artists. The question is: what can all of them do if summoned to the same place all at once?

With Psychonauts, we’re trying to find out…

Stay tuned… more psycho-galactic noise soon to come…


Circo Launches First Satellite... Satellite office that is


Batman has the bati-cave. The Phantom keeps an underground bunker full of beautiful model/spies. The X-Man got an all tricked out castle, jet included. And Circo de Poesia? Well, we certainly wouldn’t be outdone. Officially, as of April 1st, 2006, Circo de Poesia is now housed in its own office/headquarters.

To avoid the paparazzi, unwanted government agencies and the average passer-by, we won’t list here our super underground bunker location.

Do not fret though, as you become more acquainted with the on-going project, you’ll be granted access and via encryption, you’ll be forwarded the appropriate coordinates for you to be able to land safely in our Heli-port.

Stay tuned, all sorts of pirate signals will be beamed out to the world from here…

We mean it.


The Cats Are Out

1sergio sammy dan ali blanca low res.jpgWell, we were definitely out this particular night. I can’t remember whether it was night 2 or 3 at Burning Man 2005. From left to right: Blanca, Ali, Dan, Sergio and Samantha

The dragon around Dan’s neck refused to be identified.

The crowd you see here, minus or plus many others, will be kick-starting a very large production, worthy of Burning Man itself. Yes. Circo de Poesia will soon officially launch its newest project: Psychonauts, a 24-hour communal extravaganza with everything included, elves and all. A nearby locality will by transformed by Circo hands and turned it a mesmerizing ‘villa’. As the theme indicates, all things Psyche apply: come prepared to be ‘induced’ into the surreal Jungian jungles of the mind.

Truly, you don’t suppose to be reading this yet… but believe me, it will be memorable.



i can’t really believe it but it’s finally true, we’re setting up our first home page for Circo de Poesia and all its upcoming projects… this is just a test page but we’ll be loading real announcements in this page and real content elsewhere in the site very soon…

cheers from your favorite outlet… circo de poesia


our site's up... sort of

Being a chemist.not joking, circo’s website is officially up

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