To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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Past Events > In the Midst of the Hierophant 2003 (65)

Pre Production & Production
Photo: Claudio Vazquez

Graphic Design: Ernesto Soprani and Sergio Martinez
Location:The Brewery Down Town L.A - Hosts: Freeman Murray

Event: In the Midst of the Hierophant (5th Anniversary) 50 artists plus over 330 Attendants Photo: Claudio Vazquez Graphic Design: Ernesto Soprani and Sergio Martinez After a month of pre-production and two full months of production, Circo arrives to its first major production: an scripted, 2 hour long program consisting of 17 individual acts –some including several performers, some just one-. All categories were covered: poetry, video-painting, opera, live music, mimes, costumed dancers of all kinds. A particularly mesmerizing performance, La Danza Perfecta, is executed as one of the opening acts for the night. Exquisitely prepared by CSquare with the collaboration of Paula Hidalgo as dancer. When the main program came to an end, the night was officially launched: in simultaneous spaces about 350 attendants could and got lost: Metamorphosis room –an extravagant and decadent area where participants had to traverse the ‘Five Sense’ stations while indulging in some relevant pleasure in each. Those entering it, sometimes came out completely ‘metamorphosed’: a 75 year old man wearing a bra’s across his boring navy blue suit underneath. The Epicurean Arts Temple fed all those craving for delicatessen from the world over: Nora Artine and Hasmig Ross produced and managed this entire section. At the entrance, an entire gallery featuring about 16 different painters, photographers, paper mache sculptors and assorted other installations (artists include Fernando Ventura, Claudia Trasvina, Ana Flores, Carmen McKinley, Claudio Vazquez, David Kim, Murph and Samantha Miller.) An impressive light sculpture created by James Petersen greets the crowds as they step into the main stage area… a rope hangs in the center and as passers-by pull it the entire contraption spread wide open like a huge octopus engulfed in light. Truly a highlight of the night. In the main galleries and corridors, magicians, mentalists, POI dancers, Clowns and assorted Mimes. For this event, Esteban Bergese shares with Circo de Poesia his insights on Numerology and Tarot. He also acts the role of High Priest for the opening ceremony acompanied by Laura Rey and Andres Raab as Bishops. All the while, the 5 hour long open mic raged on. In separate rooms, video footage from the two hour program was being shown in lounge areas where people could take a break. The event continued literally until about 7 am. Some rock bands listed in the ‘open mic’ had to do their sets ‘unplugged’.