To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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Past Events > El Naufragio August 1999 (6)

Event: El Naufragio
Studio City, CA, August 13 1999
July & Ruben Lopez Host
110 attendants
Photo: Stella Sosa

This is Circo’s first ‘outdoor’ event.
A private garden is transformed into an intimate, island-like setting: Sofas, carpets, cushions, people scattered, standing, sitting on the ground. Guiding guests inside, ‘paper-dressed’ women carry on their heads loads of ‘paper clothes’ and hang some of them on a string set across ‘the stage’. As these characters receive and interact with arriving spectators, they also share some of their ‘crumpled paper clothes’ carried over their heads inside oversized metal buckets. The clothes, in reality disguised texts typewritten with poetry suggestive of the nights theme: shipwrecks, getting stranded in isolated islands and such. The invitation is designed by Martin Sym-smith who also creates Circo’s first ‘official logo’, a cork shown on perspective with the legend "Circo de Poesia, desde 1998" written on its side. This would become for some time the official Circo logo until a new one was adopted as Circo evolved into a completely different enterprise. (Marianna Pascuzzi choreographs & dances along with Veronica Vainstoc and introduces an important dance element to this and a few other subsequent Circo performances).