To the scientist the aim of alchemy seems only to be the transmutation of base metals into gold. Though some alchemists were concerned solely with this, many were serious and dedicated thinkers who used alchemical symbols and ideas to probe religious, philosophical and psychological issues.

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Haiku is a form of poetry which is written in seventeen syllables. Each poem contains a word that refers to the season described in the haiku. The following haiku are by the three greatest haiku poets of Japan. (All translations are by R. H. Blyth)

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Past Events > Circo @ Oversoul 2003 (37)

Circo contributes 3 Walls as Poetic Content to an anti war event called Oversoul

Photo: Sergio Martinez
Location:Downtown L.A

The Walls
"The Magic of Meaning"
by Alicia Villa & Samantha Miller
Mimes know what god knows: Words were once sacred symbols meant to be chiseled in stone, they were meant to be the shadow that crystallized The Idea. Since then, man's reckless abuse of words has depreciated them almost to the point of nonredemption. By far, words are today the most devaluated currency. Ambivalence it seems, is now a synonym for every other word in the dictionary and nothing is ever what it seems. Nor what it names. Yet, the mime believes in the transparency of silence and the gravitational pull of body language and it uses both to restore to words at least some of their lost magic. If, as it's been said, 'silence hides nothing and it is words than conceal' then, it is up to the Mime to dig up from the Strata of Language History, the only shreds of truth still uncorrupted by our verbose words. Which means: the mime's performance is nothing other than holistic therapy for the eye. For the mind's eye that is. Does your inner eye still know how to read?

Sergio Martinez